I’m still here! he he!!!

I haven’t written in a while I was worrying you guys probably forgot I was here!
My husband, Tom and I took a week off and headed for Hilton Head SC…lovey place right on the beach…spent 5 days of siting under an umbella in a beach chair listining to the waves, soaking in the sunshine…very relaxing!

On our way to Hilton Head SC we stopped at Kitty Hawk where air flight first happen, lots of fun and I learned alot!

Then we visited New Bern NC at a very nice gallery Carolina Creations, she had always carried my tutles, it was a very nice gallery with lots of fun things to see!

Next we headed for Southport NC.
What a charming little town with wonderful large old homes, very southern feeling. The downtown is located near the water where some visitors come by ferry to shop at the stores. We found a charming little store called Cattail Cottage that had agree to sell more of my turtles! I just happen to have an assortment in my car… he he!

After there our next stop was Myrtle Beach to visit The Mole Hole that carries my work, located in what is called Broadway at the Beach, it reminded me of Disney Land x10!!! Crazy fun place!
Well we finally worked our way down to Hilton Head which by the way there too is a gallery that sells my turtles called Loggerhead…good name to sell turtles uh?!

I had a really nice time at the beach and it was really fun to visit the stores that carry my work. Those retailers work really hard at running their stores and I was proud to be part of their stores!


Well it’s hot and the fans and air are buzzing along… I find that my energy is low and my mind keeps wandering up to the blue skies and anything but the work! I’ve sent out the last of my Feb. orders and a few have even had to re-order more! That’s always good news! I feel bad I haven’t said anything on my blog resently, I see the last post was from Ellie telling of my return…that was last year:0!!!! oh my…my back surgery went well last Jan 2011 …3 days turned into 51 days with dying three times and a trackanomity…ugh! but I came back only to face a worst problem this year, pulmonary hypertension, that’s the viens inmy lungs are small causing my to not be able to catch my breath….Thank God I have never smoked, then I’m sure I would be in plenty of pain, as it is my level of energy is low, no real pain though…I’m working with a good doctor for my lungs and I’m not down yet! HaHa!


Sunday is my favorite day… Tommy ( my husband) and I always start out with breakfast at our favorite spot, The Lighthouse Dinner in Havre de Grace and the New York Times! The waiter always knows we take coffee, water and I like chocolate milk and Tom likes white! We both read the paper and enjoy a great breakfast!

Finally this past week I have gotten a few “new” clay pieces finished and ready for my photographer to see! I can’t wait to share it with all of my customers!

I had gotten a strange shipment of clay, much redder than my original batch…apparently it was close to the last batch and my recipe got tainted with the previous batch! Well when I high fired my clay everything came out deep dark brown! Oh pooh! But all is right now and the place I buy clay fixed me right up, Clayworks inĀ  Baltimore, thanks for their quick response!

Hand Prints…

I gotta call this morning about a baby hand print ….actually I really don’t do that any more since I began selling my sculpture wholesale…but babies you know have always had a soft spot in me…

years ago I had clay school and I posted a sign in the window that I did baby hand prints…Mothers had told me stories of getting the clay that dries on it’s own and how they finally get the kids in the mood to participate and by the time the kid got there the clay was hard!

I’ll have a couple of slabs of clay ready, cut in a tile shape, I have a few little stamp letters so we can name the baby and maybe put the date or whatever the parent wants. You have to really press the baby’s hand down into the clay and usually the baby gets pretty angry at having their hand smashed in clay…I let the parents handle that part!

one time I thought it would be neat to have my dog prints too….every body got mad at me for smashing their paw and would speak to me the rest of the day!!!!