I’m still here! he he!!!

I haven’t written in a while I was worrying you guys probably forgot I was here!
My husband, Tom and I took a week off and headed for Hilton Head SC…lovey place right on the beach…spent 5 days of siting under an umbella in a beach chair listining to the waves, soaking in the sunshine…very relaxing!

On our way to Hilton Head SC we stopped at Kitty Hawk where air flight first happen, lots of fun and I learned alot!

Then we visited New Bern NC at a very nice gallery Carolina Creations, she had always carried my tutles, it was a very nice gallery with lots of fun things to see!

Next we headed for Southport NC.
What a charming little town with wonderful large old homes, very southern feeling. The downtown is located near the water where some visitors come by ferry to shop at the stores. We found a charming little store called Cattail Cottage that had agree to sell more of my turtles! I just happen to have an assortment in my car… he he!

After there our next stop was Myrtle Beach to visit The Mole Hole that carries my work, located in what is called Broadway at the Beach, it reminded me of Disney Land x10!!! Crazy fun place!
Well we finally worked our way down to Hilton Head which by the way there too is a gallery that sells my turtles called Loggerhead…good name to sell turtles uh?!

I had a really nice time at the beach and it was really fun to visit the stores that carry my work. Those retailers work really hard at running their stores and I was proud to be part of their stores!

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