Well it’s hot and the fans and air are buzzing along… I find that my energy is low and my mind keeps wandering up to the blue skies and anything but the work! I’ve sent out the last of my Feb. orders and a few have even had to re-order more! That’s always good news! I feel bad I haven’t said anything on my blog resently, I see the last post was from Ellie telling of my return…that was last year:0!!!! oh my…my back surgery went well last Jan 2011 …3 days turned into 51 days with dying three times and a trackanomity…ugh! but I came back only to face a worst problem this year, pulmonary hypertension, that’s the viens inmy lungs are small causing my to not be able to catch my breath….Thank God I have never smoked, then I’m sure I would be in plenty of pain, as it is my level of energy is low, no real pain though…I’m working with a good doctor for my lungs and I’m not down yet! HaHa!

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