Lounge Chair w/Go Green Froggie by sculptor Teresa YostIntroducing our
2012 Go_Green

FROGGIE... and FiFi
delightfully happy critters

The Go_Green Frog series by sculptor, Teresa Yost Fitzpatrick, are ... well, just plain fun! Check out these critters that will look delightful in your garden, on a windowsill, among your indoor plants, or even on a bookshelf!

Talk with Teresa about how to get a display chair with your order!


Go Green Froggies are handsculpted from recycled clay and finished with an old celadon glaze. Final touches of handpainted accents create a
great item to fit any decor!

Go Green Froggie lounging, sculpted by Teresa Yost

This delightful trio of lounging frogs makes for a great addition to a garden, indoor plant area, or even a perfect centerpiece. Sure to spark some comversation!

GoGreen Frogs Sitting - from Atelier de Teresa studio

Can't you just imagine the chatter between this trio of beach sitting frogs from the Go_Green Series by Artist Teresa Yost Fitzpatrick?
Sure to delight any one who spies them!

You've enjoyed FiFi - our little Ladybug - on our bowls and Ikebana.
Now you'll absolutely LOVE FiFi-on-a-stick accenting your plants,
in your garden, in a flower arrangement, and maybe even decorating
your table setting. Fun, flirty and just deLIGHTful!

Fifi_ladybug-on-a-stick by Atelierdeteresa.com FiFi-on-a-stick in a beautiful violet flower created by sculptor Teresa Yost

FiFi is our delightfully playful Ladybug, handsculpted and crafted from the
American Studio of sculptor, Teresa Yost